Production – Engineering

Some of the work I have done from the dark side of the studio:


Nathan Morson – Memories of Summer (2015)

Nathan is a Pianist, Double Bassist, Composer and recent graduate of the Royal Academy of Music.

I had the pleasure of working with Nathan in the recording of my debut album Unsound, to which he contributed playing double bass. Following this recording sessions I invited him to the studio again to record some of his jazz music on piano.

These recordings are the result of one single session, during which he elegantly laid down his own composition “Memories of Summer”, as well as two arrangements of jazz standards “It Could Happen to You” and “Blue in Green”.

These tracks have been recorded in a Steinway & Sons grand piano in Ealing Film Studios, London in May 2015.


The Statue Thieves – Revolutions in your Mind   (2015)

Third official release of The Statue Thieves. I played guitar and piano and this time I also took over engineering and production tasks. Recorded in several studios around London between late 2014 and early 2015, this time the group worked closely together to give the direction we desired for each song. Recording and mixing this EP was a fairly intense personal journey and also loads of fun and sonic experimentation. Being our most personal and mature record to date, it has also gained national and international acclaim, radio play and press attention, being featured in magazines such as Classic Rock.

Revolutions in your Mind is available as a “pay what you want if you want” download here. Physical copies also available.


Andre Canniere – Lament (2013)

Performed live by Andre Canniere’s fantastic jazz quintet. Recorded onto tape and mixed at IMW studios in London in May 2013.

Andre Canniere is an acclaimed American trumpet player, composer and educator currently based in London. Find out more about his music here: