59:54 (2015)

59:54 - 2015

59:54 – 2015

This is a record I made really really quickly. As the title suggests, it is an album recorded in little less than one hour: 59 minutes and 54 seconds. Besides quite possibly being the craziest creative challenge I’ve ever taken, it is also the most personal music I’ve ever made.

I like the feeling of a shared tension in the music contained in this album – in simple terms, neither the listener nor the performer know what note will be played next. I believe there is something very pure and unique lying beneath the spontaneity of this situation. There are no drafts, no studio trickery and no brainy harmony or virtuous melodies. Just a piano, a room and me. All interacting with each other.

59:54 was recorded on a Steinway & Sons grand piano in London on 22nd April 2015 and released the day after. You can download it for free from my Bandcamp page. And in fact it is encouraged to be downloaded and listened to with a bit of peacefulness, free of your on-screen occupations.

Free download: https://ivanmuela.bandcamp.com